Kinetic Innovations

About Kinetic Innovations

Kinetic Innovations is a premier designer and manufacturer of sports medicine braces and resistance products that significantly enhance an athlete’s rehabilitation process following surgery or injury. We are always on top of the latest sports medicine technology and trends, and are consistently evolving our braces to meet the needs of today’s athletes. Kinetic Innovations’ KDL and now KDLX Shoulder Braces continue to be leaders in the field of shoulder bracing technology.

Kinetic Innovations is owned and operated by athletic trainers who know first-hand what athletes want and need. Les Lundberg, owner of Kinetic Innovations, has a lifetime of experience with sports medicine. He has been creating braces that limit damaging adduction and external rotation without compromising mobility and functionality since 1998.

At Kinetic Innovations, we live for watching athletes return to their
field of play.